Frequently Asked Questions
For Institutions
  • What is Uniagents?
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  • What does Uniagents do?
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  • How can University Benefit from it?
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  • How Can we get a Free trial?
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  • How easy is to Implement?
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  • Can Uniagents act as an Agency?
  • No, we are an IT and Management Consultancy we do not recruit directly or involve in any activities that directly or indirectly involve student recruitments. We do not endorse any agents either.
  • Can we have some guarantee of Delivery?
  • Yes, our premium service includes guarantee to cover your risk of paying for the service
  • What if we don't want to use any new system?
  • You can still use our consultancy service to allow us to open new channels for you and enable you to recruit students from new markets and adopt non traditional methods of recruitment
  • We are just looking for the contact information of all agents and institutional partners.
  • We do not provide any such information, The data of global agents can be obtained from various online portals for a cost as low as 30 USD. All such services are available to our premium members for ease of access to information.
For Educational Consultants
  • Can I register?
  • Yes, you can register as an agent. Although the access to the application management system is given to you once one of our University client allows you to have an access. You must ensure that you have a valid contract with that University/ College in order to claim your commissions.
  • How does registration Benefit?
  • Uniagents will make your agency profile accessible to various institutions around the world that are looking to recruit from your country. They will contact you to appoint you as a representative. Please make sure your profile is always up to date including statistics.
  • Do I have to Pay?
  • No, It's completely free for agents. Your Login ID is assigned to you only after at least one institution appoints you on the Uniagents system as an authorised representative.