About Us

Uniagents, developed by Unica Solutions has recently been acquired by Uniagents (P) Ltd. Today, Uniagents is world's largest AME application platform where institutions can deal with agents from around the globe with no communication hassles and alternatively providing you the diversified international student targets at minimal costs. The platform also serves as a tool for student progressions between various universities and colleges.

Uniagents is a total solution to streamline and automate international student recruitment process. We know that universities and colleges find it difficult to recruit desired base of international students. They bear high costs for quality and diverse recruitments, they also face problems managing and communicating with many agents.

UniAgents in collaboration with Edcorp International has also developed the New Zealand specific platform called Uconnect. It follows all the essential steps for recruitment by New Zealand Institutions.

The main areas where we can help:

At UniAgents we value the client's privacy and the importance of the data security. That's why throughout the years of operation we have been following a strict data protection policy respected by every member of the team.

Being a part of UniAgents family makes student international recruitment and mobility as easy and efficient as it has never been before.

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